jiml (xuth) wrote,

Sous Vide Cooker

I finally put together the pieces I had bought late last month and built myself a sous vide cooker. I based it largely on this project. I've done a couple of simple experiments in sous vide cooking by just using a cooler and maintaining temperature by adding small amounts of boiling water as necessary. This is tedious and difficult to maintain precise temperature, but it worked well enough that I decided that it was worth pursuing further. I am very happy with the results that I got today; a simple chuck roast cooked for about 20 hours at 57°C followed by 10 minutes in a 500°F oven (Some people swear by 48 hours and I could imagine that being good).

The cooker itself is made from the following:
  • a cooler
  • a temperature controller
  • a waterproof pt100 thermister
  • a 300w immersion heater
  • a small fountain pump
  • and ancillary components like wire nuts, an acrylic project box and some aluminum bits to build a frame to mount parts to in the cooler
Including shipping costs, all of these components can be had for about $75-100.

Given my results today I'll likely be using this regularly. Sadly I have no images of the roast but I give you my word that it was quite tasty and did not survive long in the face of my family.
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